Who We Are

Air Filter Supply is a forward thinking & evolving company that understands the needs of its clientele  intimately. AFS takes  the time to understand the environmental context present onsite as well as the desired outcome to our clients workflow process. Or bottom line. Depending on the specific needs of each and every unique partner we acquire we can automate, scale, organize & manage every step of the air filtration  process  start to finish. (ordering, Scheduling, delivery, as well as disposal.)The goal of Air Filter Supply is to grow our position as the leading supplier of innovative air filter products and services throughout California. Air Filter Supply is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products and unsurpassed customer service. Leveraging our network of vendor and contractor relationships, our expansive industry knowledge, & strategically located branches allows us to deliver the right product for the application, environment and climate anywhere in California.Driven by the desire to provide the highest level of customer service, our ability to anticipate our customer’s ever changing needs, and our interest and involvement in the latest technologies allowed AFS to expanded operations organically, while maintaining focus on the customer experience and benefits added.With our continued success in Northern California, as well as new opportunities presenting themselves in Southern California, AFS opened in Anaheim. Thereby enabling AFS to service greater Los Angeles, The move identified a void south, and in 2013 AFS expanded operations to San Diego.Air Filter Supply’s growth throughout California is largely due to: employee satisfaction, customer service, and dynamic product and service offerings. Our foundation + A win mindset + FastTrack enables us to predict, order, stage and manage our clients filtration and belt needs, setting us apart from any competition.


To continually improve our customer’s ability to efficiently manage their Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), reduce their annual energy spend and to be the best at identifying, qualifying and delivering air filtration solutions and services that enhance our customer’s experience while.


Location, elevation, proximity to moisture, wind, exposure to pollutants… etc…etc…etc… Environmental variables like these and countless more have the ability to alter the performance & lifespan of any objects exposed to them.
Depending on the results desired- weather that be cleaner air quality, lowered energy costs, a mixture of the two (cleaner air + lower costs), or reduce time investment altogether by assessing the true total costs one experiences (Time, Labor, Energy, Materials) & see if it would be advantageous to outsource that responsibility to someone with greater monitoring and management capabilities pertaining to filtration Management. Current assessment of all machines used and the amount of energy used to get the desired air quality need to be completed in order to have a solid understanding of the current situation. When evaluating your needs regarding air filters and the energy used to filter the air many variables come into play that will impact the performance of any filter you use.  It doesn’t matter what you are attempting to filter……If the environment isn’t right for the filters you choose you might as well flush your companies $$$$$$ down the toilet.