Private: Previel Bag Filter
Private: Oval Replacement Cartridge Filters
Private: Powerwave Acoustic & Impulse Cleaning Systems
Private: Preveil ePTFE Membranes & Filters

Private: Previel Bag Filter


  • BHA Filter Cages
    CLARCOR Industrial Air manufactures quality support cages for use in most baghouses. Properly designed cages serve as critical baghouse components for optimum bag performance and durability. Support cages are traditionally constructed of one of the following:
    ▪ Low carbon steel (bright basic wire)
    ▪ Galvanized low carbon steel
    ▪ Type 304 stainless steel
    ▪ Type 316 stainless steel
    ▪ Hastelloy®
    ▪ Other specialty materials

  • Omni Cage
    The Omni cage top was developed to facilitate snapband bag removal. It has a detachable top, which allows removal of the cage top first. With the cage top no longer blocking access to the snapband, the band can be snapped loose from the tubesheet, and the bag and cage body lifted out easily.

  • Two-Piece Cage
    For applications with low headroom in the clean air plenum, CLARCOR Industrial Air offers a two-piece cage. This style can make for easier installation and removal in these difficult applications.

  • Chemically-Resistant Finishes
    In addition to providing various stainless steel alternatives, we can provide PTFE and epoxy finishes to resist chemical attack.

  • Rigid Wire Cages
    Standard and specialty cage tops are available and all bottom pans are welded to the inside. Options for rigid wire cages include:
    ▪ 12 gauge wire diameter – .1055 in. (.27 cm)
    ▪ 11 gauge wire diameter – .1205 in. (.31 cm)
    ▪ 9 gauge wire diameter – .148 in. (.38 cm)
    ▪ 7 gauge wire diameter – .177 in. (.45 cm)
    ▪ 4 to 7.375 inch cage diameter (10.16 cm to 18.73 m)
    ▪ Customized number of vertical wires (12 or 20)
    ▪ Customized ring spacing – standard is 6 in. or 8 in. (15.24 cm or 20.32 cm)

Private: Oval Replacement Cartridge Filters


  • Oval replacement cartridge filters provide superior filtration due an advanced proprietary BHA® ProTura® Nanofiber filtration technology. This technology is scientifically proven to achieve: higher efficiency, cleaner air, lower pressure drop, longer filter life, and greater energy savings than any other media used in cartridge filters.

  • BHA ProTura Nanofiber acts as a shield to prevent submicron particles from entering and becoming embedded within the filter’s substrate media. As a result, pressure does not build up as rapidly and power requirements are dramatically reduced leading to operational savings.

  • Independent lab testing has certified BHA ProTura Nanofiber filters at MERV 15 efficiency, which means they are up to 95% efficient on 0.3 and 1.0 micron size dust. Additional benefits from this superior filtration technology include improved dust cake release and filter life that meets or exceeds competitive oval cartridges more cost effectively.

  • We offer multiple media configurations to meet all your oval replacement filter needs for the Donaldson Torit® Downflo® Oval (DFO) dust collector in addition to the BHA ProTura Nanofiber, which comes in fire retardant and wide pleat versions. Other filter media options include 100% poly-glass, spunbond polyester and spunbond polyester with PTFE that repels moisture. See the chart below for reference.

  • Cylindrical Cartridges- Round cylindrical cartridge filters rank among the highest in performance, efficiency and value.

  • Oval cartridge filters also provide superior filtration with BHA’s advanced proprietary ProTura nanofiber
    filtration technology. This technology is scientifically proven to achieve higher efficiency, cleaner air, lower
    pressure drop, longer filter life and greater energy savings than any other media used in cartridge filters.

Private: Powerwave Acoustic & Impulse Cleaning Systems


  • The CLARCOR Industrial Air BHA Powerwave+ acoustic cleaning system can significantly improve the cleaning of air pollution control equipment, heat transfer surfaces, material handling and storage equipment and areas of production where particulate buildup occurs. As an alternative to sootblowers and sootblower cleaning, acoustic cleaners are air-operated devices that emit low frequency, high-energy sound waves. The sound waves create vibrations powerful enough to break apart and dislodge heavy concentrations of particulate on surfaces, but gentle enough to not harm the surface. Once the material has been dislodged, gravity and/or gas flow removes it.

  • BHA Powerwave+ impulse cleaning system enhances boiler operation and minimizes high maintenance expenses associated with other cleaning methods. This revolutionary technology provides significant advantages over traditional methods like sootblowing, rapping, manual shaking, blasting and high-pressure water washing. Because the BHA Powerwave+ effectively cleans using controlled and repeated impulses, cleaning can be performed online. Another advantage over traditional methods is the benefit from less tube wear and no unnecessarily wasted steam and water.

  • Acoustic Cleaning Advantages
    ▪ Powerful online cleaning technology
    ▪ Removes thick and stubborn ash deposits better than traditional cleaning methods
    ▪ Reduces the need for steam sootblowing
    ▪ Enhances long-term operational ability
    ▪ Cleaning process doesn’t require personnel to enter area where buildup occurs
    ▪ Fuel-efficient design has low operating cost with minimal maintenance
    ▪ Can be integrated into plant control systems or operated in self-timed mode
    ▪ Increases heat transfer and overall efficiency of processes
    ▪ Operates online versus requiring an outage
    ▪ Extends time intervals between downturns caused by off-line cleaning.
    ▪ Potentially less damage to boiler tubes
    ▪ Easy to install and maintain, with a small footprint that preserves valuable space
    ▪ Utilizes only small amounts of compressed air, fuel and 110 VAC

Private: Preveil ePTFE Membranes & Filters


  • BHA® Preveil® membrane is an expanded microporous PTFE membrane (ePTFE) that is bonded to the surface of conventional filter media, including felts and woven fabrics.

  • Made from virgin PTFE resin, BHA Preveil membrane is manufactured in our own climate-controlled cleanroom environment, which allows us to create a membrane with exceptional lamination strength and controlled specifications. BHA Preveil membrane filter media is tested and inspected to assure the filter bags are the highest quality.

  • BHA Preveil membrane is ideal for high moisture applications and operations requiring extremely high collection efficiency or increased air volumes. It is designed to be used with virtually every style of filter bag, and can be used in pulse-jet, plenum pulse, reverse air, shaker and cartridge dust collectors.

  • Highest filtration efficiencies (99.99+%) for lowest possible emissions

  • Excellent dust cake release on cleaning helps keep pressure drop low and maintain stable system operation

  • Reduced agglomeration for hassle-free baghouse operation

  • Greater airflow and/or lower energy consumption helps provide quick return on investment

  • Sub-micron filtration